Last updated May 29, 2007

General Information Syllabus HW Assignments Exams

Group Work Solutions

Solutions to in-class group work:

Day 1: APY

Day 2: Annuity

Day 3: Amortization

Day 7: Matrix Inverses

Day 8: Matrix Equations

Day 9: Leontief Input-Output Analysis

Day 13: Sets and Counting Principles

Day 14: Permutations and Combinations

Day 16: Union, Intersection, and Complement of Events

Day 17: Conditional Probability

Day 18: Bayes' Formula

Solutions to group homework assignments:

Group HW #1: Sinking Funds

Group HW #2: Matrices

Group HW #3: Expected Value

Group HW #4: Markov Chains (in-class)


For this project, you may use your textbook, and you may discuss with your fellow group members and your instructor. However, you are on your honor not to use any other resources. For each part, explain your reasoning thoroughly.

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