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Comments on Upcoming Exams and Quizzes

Final Exam

The final exam will be due in my office, 305 Kemeny Hall, between 10 am and 11 am on Monday, December 5th. Please turn the exam in to me personally!

Since the exam is closed book and closed notes, once you download the exam you can only talk about the exam with your instructor. No other help, animate or inanimate, is allowed.

The exam consists of 6 questions. You should attempt all 6.

Please check this page periodically over the weekend in case there are any clarifications or other information posted here.

You can download the exam from this link. Please let me know BEFORE FRIDAY AT 3:00PM if you have trouble with this link. The first page just consists of instructions (which you should read!). There are three pages all together.

Midterm Exam: Results

The results on the midterm exam where generally good. Below you'll find a hist-o-gram of the scores on the second exam as well as some terse solutions. I have also provided a very crude estimate of your grade to date based on the total of your first two exam scores. As usual, I did not address pluses and minues.

Midterm Exam

Our Midterm exam will be Thursday, November 3rd. The exam will cover all material we've covered so far up and including Friday's lecture (October 28th). (That means through section 4.5 on Sylow's Theorem.)

The in-class exam will concentrate of definitions, statements of results and straightforward applications. The take-home will be similar to homework problems.

Both portions of the exam are closed book and closed notes. You may of course ask me for clarification.
Preliminary Exam: Results

The results on the preliminary exam were very good. I have posted a hist-o-gram of the scores. (Recall that this exam was out of 75 points.) I have also give a very rough estimate of the letter grades. This is bit silly since we just have the one data point, but it might answer some questions. I did not address "pluses and minuses".

Preliminary Exam

Our first quiz or preliminary exam will be Thursday, October 13th. The quiz will be in two parts. The first part will be an in class exam given during our x-hour. The second part will be take home. It will passed out at the beginning of the x-hour and should be returned Friday. (Instructions for turning in the take-home portion will be given below.)

The quiz will focus on material up to an including Friday's lecture on October 7th. That means through and including section 3.3 of the text. The in-class portion will concentrate on definitions and theorems as well as some more "objective" questions. The take-home portion will involve a bit more work and should be similar to homework exercises.

Turning in the exam: I will be out of town on Friday when the take-home is due. You may turn your exam in two ways. The prefered method is to turn it in to Professor Chernov in Kemeny 304 between 3:00 pm and 4:30 pm. If you are not free during his office hours, then you may turn it into our secretary, Ms. Kvam, in Kemeny 102A between 10:00 am and 10:30 am.

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