Math 74/114
Algebraic Topology
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General Information Syllabus HW Assignments


The following is a tentative syllabus for the course. This page will be updated irregularly.
On the other hand, the weekly syllabus contained in the Homework Assignments page will always be accurate.

Lectures Sections in Text Brief Description
3/25 Chapter I Manifolds
3/27 Chapter I Manifolds and Classification
3/29 Chapter I Classification of Compact $2$-Manifols
4/1 II.1-2 Fundamental Group
4/3 II.3-4 Fundamental Group
4/4 (x-hour) II.5- Applications
4/5 IV.1 Intro to Van Kampen Theorem
4/8 IV.2 Van Kampen Continued
4/10 IV.3-4 Examples of Fundamental Groups
4/12 V.1-2 Covering Spaces
4/15 V.3-5 Lifting Theorems
4/17 V.6-7 Guage Maps
4/18 (x-hour) V.8-9 Finish up Covering Spaces
4/19 VI and VII.1-2 Homology
4/22 VII.2-3 Homology
4/24 VII.4 Homology
4/25   MidTerm
4/26 X.1-2 Homology with Coefficients
4/29 VII.5 Homology of a Pair
5/1 VII.6 Relative Homology Groups
5/3 VIII.1-2 Calculations of Homology Groups
5/6 VIII.2 Calculations of Homology Groups
5/8 IX.1-2 CW Complexes
5/9 (x-hour) IX.3 CW Complexes
5/10 IX.4 CW Complexes
5/13 VIII.5 Mayer-Vietoris
5/15 VIII.6 Jordon-Brouwer
5/17 6.3 XII.1-3
5/20   Catch Up
5/22   NO CLASS
5/24   NO CLASS
5/27   Memorial Day
5/29   Last Day of Class

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