Math 81
Winter 2006

Galois Theory and related topics
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General Information

The Textbook Scheduled Lectures Instructors
Examinations Homework Policy Grades
Honor Principle   Disabilities


Abstract Algebra (third edition) by Dummit and Foote
(Available at Wheelock Books)

Scheduled Lectures

MWF 10 - 11:05
(x-hour) Th 12 - 12:50
104 Bradley


Professor T. R. Shemanske
Office: 203 Choate House
Office Hours: here
Phone: 646 - 3179 or email (preferred)


There will be a midterm examinations and a final examination. These will both be takehome exams, and the approximate dates are:

Midterm Exam Approximate date: February 1. 2006 Takehome exam
Final Exam (Due) March ??, 2006 Takehome exam

Homework Policy


The course grade will be based upon the scores on the midterm exam, homework, and the final exam as follows:

Midterm Exam 100 points
Homework 100 points
Final Exam 150 points
Total 350 points

The Honor Principle

On Exams: No help given or received

On Homework: Collaboration is permitted and encouraged, but no copying . In other words, you should feel free to talk to other students while you are in the process of thinking about a problem. However, when it comes time to write up your solutions, you should do this by yourself without outside assistance.

Moreover, if in working with someone they have provided you with an important idea or approach, they should be explicitly given credit in your writeup. Hints I give in office hours need not be cited.


Students with disabilities who will be taking this course and may need disability-related classroom accommodations are encouraged to make an appointment to see their instructor as soon as possible. Also, they should stop by the Academic Skills Center in Collis Center to register for support services.

Thomas R. Shemanske
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