Math 8: Calculus of One and Several Variables

Spring 2001


Professor Kenneth Bogart

Profesor Carolyn Gordon


310 Bradley hall

408 Bradley Hall


MWF 10:00-10:45

9:00-10:30 T, 2:00-3:30 Th


or blitz for appt.

or blitz for appt.


We will meet in the 11 period (a.k.a. Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 11:15 to 12:20). Note that we will also meet in our x-period (12:00 Tuesday) as needed. Note that the departmental syllabus above requires 29 class periods, so we will need to use at least two x-periods during the term. The daily schedule below will show the days on which we have class, the homework due that day, and the x-periods we plan to use. Note that this schedule will change on an almost daily basis, and the changes will likely include the x-periods we plan to use. The class will be held in Room 102 Bradley Hall.


Detailed Course Information

Daily Schedule

Maple Information

Departmental Syllabus

Class Demos


Supplementary Notes

Selected Homework Solutions

It is each student's responsibility to be aware of important College deadlines laid out in the College Calendar.

The Honor Principle:

On exams: No help given or received. No calculators will allowed on exams.

On homework: Collaboration and the use of computers are permitted and encouraged, but NO COPYING . In other words, you should feel free to use your computer and to talk to other students, your instructors, or the tutor while you are in the process of thinking about a problem. However, when it comes time to write up your solutions, you should do this by yourself without outside assistance.

Special Needs:

Students with special needs or disabilities should contact one of your instructors as soon as possible (At least by April 6) so that we can arrange appropriate accommodations.

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