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Calculus of One and Several Variables

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Maple demos and course related web links

Maple7 is available for students, and installation instructions have been posted on the department's software web page.

You can learn a lot about Maple by reading its help... Learning Maple is not a requirement for the class, and you can obtain maximum scores and achieve complete understanding of the material without ever using this software. Such type of knowledge may ease a bit your life in Math 8, or may come handy with other occasions during your study years. I encourage you to get familiar with Maple.

Here is the link to a comprehensive introduction to Maple.

Course related web links

Finally, below are some graphs that I have obtained, using Maple, when I prepared the lectures for our class. Feel free to cut-and-paste any Maple command contained in the files, and use them to start learning how to work with Maple.
 March 26, 2003  Introduction to differential equations; Direction fields
 March 26a, 2003  On a homework problem
 March 28, 2003  More about direction fields; A mixing problem
 Problem 18, page 628  Another comment on direction fields: the solution of Problem 18, page 628
 April 21, 2003  Taylor series and approximation by Taylor polynomials
 May 7, 2003  Graphing space curves
 May 12, 2003  Graphing functions of several variables
 May 14, 2003  Limits of functions of two variables
 May 19, 2003  Geometric significance of partial derivatives
 May 21, 2003  Gradients: fundamental properties (drawn with Mathematica)
 May 23, 2003  The gradient, the level curves and the graph (drawn with Mathematica)
 May 23, 2003  A function with no critical points