Math 8, Calculus of Functions of One and Several Variables (Spring  2011)


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What will  you be able to do after completing (successfully)  this course: You might be familiar with an integration/anti-derivative and how to solve a given integral  by substitution. You will learn to integrate more complicated functions like product of two functions, combination of trig functions etc. You will learn some  new concepts called “sequences’’ and “series’’ (which is essentially adding infinitely many terms).  You  will learn methods/tests  to answer “ when do you get a finite number after adding given infinitely many terms?”.  I am sure you will love this part.   We will spend some time to learn some geometry e.g. how to write an equation of a line, plane etc. At the end you will be able to know how to differentiate a function of two/three variables. In this topic you will study partial derivatives, directional derivatives and some applications (computing minima and maxima of a given function).

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Meera Mainkar

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April 20 (wed)

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May 11 (Wed)

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·         There will be two separate parts to your homework assignments. The first, called WeBWorK, is submitted on the Internet. If you do not receive an e-mail assigning you a login name and password for WeBWorK, then you should contact your instructor via e-mail as soon as possible:

·         Homework due-dates will be shown on the WeBWorK assignments, which will generally be due at 11 a.m. on the second class day after the class in which the material is covered.  Answers will be available at  11 a.m. on  the same day. Late homework will not be accepted without advance permission from your instructor, obtained well before the assignment is due. There will normally be at least one class-day between the day homework is assigned and the day it is due, thereby providing plenty of opportunity for you to get your questions answered.

·         The second part of the homework consists of several problems from the textbook which will be assigned weekly. They are to be handed in before class on the day they are due; they will be returned to the homework boxes outside of your classroom in Kemeny. In general, late homework will not be accepted for a grade, and never without prior arrangement. Illness and family emergency are the two main reasons why an extension on homework may be granted.



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