Math 9 Section 3 (Pauls)


Instructor:  Scott Pauls
Office:  404 Bradley
Phone:  646-1047

Office hours:


  1. The first day of class is Wednesday September 26, 2001.
  2. 10/16/01: We will hold an x-hour today from 1-1:50 to cover section 12.8.
  3. The first exam is Monday October, 22, 2001 from 6pm-8pm. Our section will meet in Silsby 28 for the exam.
  4. The second exam is Monday November 12, 2001 from 6pm-8pm. Again, our section will meet in Silsby 28 for the exam.
  5. Click here for lots of review problems for the exam.
  6. Follow this link to download a maple worksheet with some procedures which automate plotting surfaces in 3-space.
  7. The final exam is December 9, 2001 from 4pm to 6pm in Kellogg Hall. It is cumulative.
  8. I finished grading project 2. They're available in a box outside my door.
  9. Full solutions to exam 2 are also available outside my door. Sorry for the delay.
  10. Click here for some review problems for chapter 15.


  1. Project 1: Invariant Areas
    Due: October 17, 2001 at the beginning of class.
  2. Project 2: Cockroach Project
    Due: November 19, 2001 at the beginning of class.