Nik Ruškuc and Richard P. Stanley will deliver hour-long plenary talks.

Contributed talks will be 30 minutes, followed by 5 minutes for questions and a 5 minute break. You may also view a full list of participants.

The banquet will be held on Wednesday evening, at the DOC House on Occom Pond.

Sunday, August 8

6:00–8:30Welcome reception and registration in Kemeny Hall
8:30–After the welcome reception, participants staying in the dorms should phone (603) 443-3148 upon arrival

Monday, August 9

8:30–9:30Continental breakfast
9:30–10:00Einar SteingrímssonPermutation patterns and the Möbius function  Download slides
10:10–10:40Cheyne HombergerThe number of distinct minors of a permutation  Download slides
11:20–11:50Jonathan BloomAnother look at bijections for pattern-avoiding permutations
12:00–12:30 Mike Atkinson Avoiding consecutive patterns in permutations  Download slides
2:00–2:30Matthieu Josuat-VergèsCrossings and patterns in signed permutations  Download slides
2:40–3:10Fan WeiThe weak Bruhat order and separable permutations
3:50–4:20 David Callan A recurrence for (1−23−4)–avoiding permutations  Download slides
4:30–5:00 Anders Claesson Expanding permutation statistics as sums of permutation patterns  Download slides
5:10–5:40Lara PudwellPattern avoidance in Πn ∫ Ck  Download slides

Tuesday, August 10

8:30–9:30Continental breakfast
9:30–10:00Mark Tiefenbruck231-avoiding permutations and the Schensted correspondence  Download slides
10:10–10:40Henning UlfarssonDetecting singularities of Schubert varieties with permutation patterns  Download slides
11:20–12:20Richard StanleyProducts of cycles  Download slides
2:00–2:30Greta PanovaSeparable permutations, Robinson-Schensted and shortest containing supersequences  Download slides
2:40–3:10Jonathan NovakAn asymptotic version of a theorem of Knuth  Download slides
3:50–4:20Adeline PierrotThe simple permutation poset  Download slides
4:30–5:00 Mathilde Bouvel A polynomial algorithm for deciding the finiteness of the number of simple permutations in permutation classes  Download slides
5:10–5:40Robert BrignallAlmost exceptional simple permutations Download slides

Wednesday, August 11

8:30–9:30Continental breakfast
9:30–10:00Miles JonesPattern matching in the cycle structures of permutations  Download slides
10:10–10:40Don RawlingsConsecutive patterns: From permutations to column-convex polyominoes and back  Download slides
11:20–12:20Nik RuškucGrid pattern classes  Download slides
2:00–2:30Jeff LieseGenerating functions for Wilf equivalence under generalized factor order  Download slides
2:40–3:10 Josef Cibulka On the size of sets of permutations with bounded VC-dimension  Download slides
3:50–4:20Jeffrey RemmelMinimal overlapping patterns  Download slides
4:30–5:00Camillia Smith BarnesShuffles of permutations  Download slides
5:10–5:40 Michael Albert Separation anxiety  Download slides
6:00–9:00Banquet at DOC House

Thursday, August 12

8:30–9:30Continental breakfast
9:30–10:00 Dan Daly Enumerating permutations containing few copies of 321 and 3412  Download slides
10:10–10:40Shanzhen GaoCounting paths and walks with several step vectors  Download slides
11:20–11:50Manda RiehlMaximally distant genomes under the DCJ operation  Download slides
12:00–12:30Problem session
12:40–Lunch & excursion

Friday, August 13

8:30–9:30Continental breakfast
9:30–10:00Mark Dukes Composition and partition matrices, bivincular patterns and (2+2)-free posets  Download slides
10:10–10:40Adrian DuaneGenerating functions for τ-matches
11:20–11:50 Andrew Baxter Some general results for even-Wilf-equivalence  Download slides
2:00–2:30Eva Yuping Deng Pairings on bit strings  Download slides
2:40–3:10Julian WestPattern replacement and factor replacement  Download slides
3:20–5:00BBQ in Kemeny Hall courtyard

Saturday, August 14

11:00Check out time for dorms (leave keys in the key drop off box)