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Section 3 Before you arrive

Many students arrive at Dartmouth with significant advanced mathematics preparation, and those who feel they already know the material to be covered by some of our standard first-year courses are encouraged to take the preliminary exam just before the start of fall term.

As a caveat, the applied math program at Dartmouth is small and highly personalized, so taking the preliminary exam after having completed the first year courses makes much more sense. In particular the contents of Math 106 and 116 both change in alternate years.

The written exams cover:

  • Algebra (Math 71 and topics from 101)
  • Analysis (Math 63 and topics from 103)
  • Applied Math (Math 106, 116, 126, and 136)
  • Topology (Math 54 and topics from 104)

Consult recent syllabi for these courses. Any parts passed in the fall will not need to be retaken at the end of spring, but more importantly this information will influence the courses you choose in your first year.