Grader Information for Linear Algebra V63.0140-3.

Dear Linear Algebra,

Below is a message from Willy Chang, grader for this course, giving some general advice beneficial to both you and him. You should also know that Willy has kindly offered to allow you to come by his office hours even though they are officially for a different class (in computer science), when he can help you with Linear Algebra, or resolve grading issues. At 14 Washington Place Computer Lab:

Monday: 12:30-1:30 4:00-5:00
Wed: 12:30-1:30
Thurs: 3:30-5:30
Fri: 10-2

Willy adds: There is one caveat though, since those hours are technically for computer science, people with computer science questions will probably go ahead of math students regardless of when they come. Since, most likely, my office hours will be empty, i'll be sending up warning times (before projects are due/before midterm and final) when it probably wouldn't be in their best interest to come by.

Main message:

Hi all, im Will(y), your grader for this course. First of all, id like to apologize for anyone who got my stapling comments. I'd like to blame that on the insanity it was causing around my work desk. Since I like to grade each question for each hw completely, I constantly have to flip in between hw's causing single sheets to get lost. Also, regarding questions on the hw, realize that I am not the end-all answer to questions. I am an undergrad like yourself who just got an A in the course, I am NOT a putnam exam winner or grad student. So seriously, dont be afraid to ask questions. I don't know what Professor Barnett's policy is with me helping students with HW, but I guess if you e-mail me a question I might be able to give you a hint or something (but dont hold me to that). For those of you who have not had me as a grader before, the following information you will probably find useful:

1) neat writing makes it easier to grade. So while I try to be really fair on hw's, I am not a machine. So staring at a single paper for 30 minutes will make me cranky, which will usually lead to almost everyone getting marked down (maybe just a point overall, but still, everything matters). So try and be neat!

2) The worst thing you can do is skip a question. I rarely take off more than 6 points out of 10 on a question, so on a three point question, just doing ANYTHING will most likely net you at least one point.

3) For those of you who have had me for discrete math, you will know that I will do EVERYTHING to give you points. This includes, meeting you people over lunch so you guys can make a case about your HW, or even making grading in general. Dont worry about my schedule, ask and ye shall receive.

Well, thats all I guess.

-Willy Chang

Willy's email is : wc343 at