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Other projects

  • Orgasm Inc., a documentary by my wife Liz Canner. I did a chunk of the original music and some production and analog optical effects work.
  • Moving Visions, a cyber documentary and public projection focusing on freedom in post-9/11 Arlington, VA, directed by Liz Canner (Sept 2003) (clips).
    Symphony of a City, a public video documentary/art piece on issues of community building and the affordable housing crisis in Boston, projected onto City Hall and streamed online (April/May 2001), directed by Liz Canner and John Ewing. Check out the permanent online clips.
    I was technical director for both these projects; they involved among other things portable miniature head-mounted camera units, audio and battery systems.
  • Short-term forecasting for wind power generation. Application of Bayesian neural networks to learning the map ('downscaling') from weather models to local wind and output power (talk, 10MB PDF, U. of Toronto, Sept 2001). Consulting for Michael Brower of TrueWind Solutions.
  • Electronics/physics projects and demos: Fun physics in your own home, and now fun applied math projects, random ideas. Have also volunteered at AMRF fixing up medical gear for donation to hospitals around the developing world (here shown defibrillating a watermelon).
  • Penchant for old electric keyboard gear. Hammond-organ rebuilding project (a "chop").
  • Creating Careers in Physics was a forum series for graduate students that I ran for a year.