Argentina conference trip, October 2000

This trip supposedly centered around a quantum chaos physics conference. In reality it centered around beautiful mountains, wine, song, endless slabs of beef, and fun new friends.

Skiing near Ushuaia was excellent. Diego knew no fear. Diego W. skiing for first time, near Ushuaia.o skiing near Ushuaia
We were half-way up Half-way up the slope, at the end of the day. when Soledad had to be "rescued" by a skiing instructor... (photo removed for reasons of decency).

Sumptuous asado at Diego and Carola's place. Guests were Eduardo, Cesar, Claudia (Boston's Turkish dance connection), Tino and me: Asado at Diego and Carola's place, Buenos Aires.oAsado at Diego and Carola's place, Buenos Aires.
Diego harrasses life-size statues of famous Ushuaian prisoners. El museo del carce, Ushuaia, Argentina.
Dangerous convicts Maria, Soledad, Fernando and Diego move into "attack" position. El museo del carce, Ushuaia, Argentina.
Conference-goers having serious discussions about quantum chaos over light refreshments: Ushuaia, Ushuaia, Argentina.
Daily intake of "fine six-dollar wine" apparently drives natives of Quebec into spontaneous song... Ushuaia, Argentina.
Back in Buenos Aires, I was very kindly put up in Palermo Viejo in the only "Design" Bed & Breakfast in the world, ever. It was excellent.

Soledad uses her considerable influence in the soccer world to take me to see the much-maligned local team, River, play a home match. Sadly, they draw against an out-of-town team. River home stadium, Buenos Aires.
Where the magic all happens in the TANDAR laboratory. Equations are barely visible through clouds of smoke and mate fumes, but, apparently this helps make breakthroughs. Diego, Eduardo and Tino are reformulating quantum chaos in terms of thermodynamics (see blackboards)... Marcos Saraceno's lab at TANDAR laboratory, Buenos Aires.
And here is the more traditional group photo in front of our favourite mountains.

Thanks to Soledad for a couple of the above pictures!