Seminar: Yale Algebra and Number Theory Seminar (YANTS)

Spring 2015     Fall 2014

The Yale Algebra and Number Theory Seminar usually meets on Tuesdays from 4:15 - 5:15 pm in LOM 205. Afterward, we usually go to dinner with the speaker at a local restaurant.

Organizers: Asher Auel, Nathan Kaplan, and Peng Zhao.

Date Speaker Title
Jan 13
Hunter Brooks
Special Value Formulas for Rankin-Selberg p-adic L-Functions
Jan 20
Jerry Wang
Pencils of quadrics and the arithmetic of hyperelliptic curves
Jan 28 (Special Day)
Jeroen Sijsling
Representative families of curves
Feb 3
No Seminar
Feb 10
Nathan Kaplan
Codes, Curves, and Configurations of Points
Feb 18 (Special Day)
Chris Hall
Hilbert irreducibility for abelian varieties
Feb 24
Alex Kontorovich
Equidistribution, Counting, and Applications
March 3
Ben Weiss (Maine)
Rational Points on Curves, Compositions of Polynomials, and Nevanlinna's Theorem
March 10
No Seminar: Spring Break
March 17
No Seminar: Spring Break
March 26 (Special Day)
Owen Barrett
Lowest zeros of twisted GL(2) L-functions and arithmetic matrix ensembles
April 1 (Special Day)
Carl Wang Erickson
Families of Galois Representations
April 8 (Special Day)
Xiaoqing Li
A standard zero free region for Rankin-Selberg L-functions on GL(n)
April 15
Susie Kimport
Quantum modular forms from mock Jacobi forms
April 21
No Seminar
April 29 (Special Day and time)
ShinnYih Huang
An Improvement to Zaremba's Conjecture