Information for Current Scholars

Faculty Advisor

Professor Sergi Elizalde

Math Professor Sergi Elizalde is the Byrne Scholars advisor and can provide information on current research opportunities. He is also the House Professor of East Wheelock House.

Resources, support, and communication

As a Byrne Scholar, you may use up to $5000 per year (up to a total of $15,000 during your time at Dartmouth) for enrichment activities such as research, internships, or attending conferences. The application form is below under Request Funding.

Archita Harathi ’22 and Maria Roodnitsky ’22 have offered to be mentors for the Class of ’23 Byrne Scholars. Feel free to reach out to them with any questions about the program or about Dartmouth for which you want to hear a student’s perspective.

All scholars are members of the Dartmouth email group which we will use to inform you of news, events, and opportunities.

We hope you join our informal dinners where everyone can meet each other and talk about recent projects. We usually have these once per term. Professor Elizalde has hosted recent dinners at his place near East Wheelock. In addition, you are very welcome to organize other informal Byrne gatherings, whether they involve a mathematical activity or are just social gatherings to get to know each other. Professor Elizalde can assist with coordination and there are budget funds available to cover pizza, snacks, etc.

Finally, you are welcome to use the dedicated study room in Kemeny 121. Kindly be respectful of this space which the department graciously provides.

Undergraduate Activities

Dartmouth Math Society, AWM Student Chapter, Dartmouth SIAM, and more!

Research Programs and Opportunities

Math Department research opportunities

Professor Bjoern Muetzel's webpage on math research opportunities (mostly abroad)

Office of Undergraduate Research

Undergraduate Research projects database

WISP research internships

NSF REUs: search for an REU site

Request Funding

Request funding for research activities (pdf)

Request funding for research activities (docx)