The Byrne Scholars

selected bios below

Current Scholars

Class of 2023

  • Maria Castro
  • Brandon Chen
  • Eliza Crocker
  • Scott Dayton
  • Hubert Galan Jr.
  • Kate Kucharczuk
  • Varun Malladi
  • Anna Mikhailova
  • Isabel Pantle
  • Jacob Zikan

Class of 2022

  • Anne Bailey
  • Raymond Chen
  • Zachary Couvillion
  • Thomas Jacob Fyda
  • Cameron Guage
  • Joseph Gyorda
  • Kayla Hamann
  • Archita Harathi
  • Benjamin Martin
  • Maria Roodnitsky
  • Connor Spencer

Class of 2021

  • Kyle Bensink
  • Delilah Forrest
  • Theodore Green
  • (Francesco) Vann Guarnieri
  • Aadil Islam
  • Hugo Nam

Class of 2020

  • Sahil Abbi
  • Tiffany He
  • Brett Kidman
  • Himadri Narasimhamurthy


Class of 2021

  • Anuraag Bukkuri

Class of 2019

  • Arun Hari Anand
  • Henry Burns
  • Richard Dionne
  • Lilias (Claire) Gasque
  • Ryan Hall
  • Magdalene Pizzo
  • Hallie Sala
  • Shikhin Sethi
  • William Wolfe-McGuire
  • Robin Zeng

Class of 2018

  • Ho-Chun Herbert Chang
  • Jared Duker Lichtman
  • Anirudh Udutha

Maria Castro ’23

Coming to the United States at a young age with no knowledge of the English language, the logic of numbers became a haven for me. As I got older I spent time figuring out multiple methods that would derive the same answer to textbook answers and figuring out the proof behind mathematical concepts. Recently, I’ve been interested in the implicit bias that goes on in the justice system, and I hope to combine social sciences with mathematics to combat inequalities like these. I hope to be able to do research alongside professors that will provide me with the skills I need to work on providing real-world solutions to complex challenges. I’m thankful for the opportunities Byrne Scholars will provide me with in the future, and for the mentors I will meet along the way!

Maria Castro

Eliza Crocker ’23

Hometown: New Rochelle, New York

My initial appreciation for mathematics as a child came from its supposed simplicity. I relied on the idea that repeating the same steps again and again would bring me to the correct answer. At the same time, I was subconsciously attracted to numbers and fascinated with shapes and patterns in the world around me; it was this that lay the foundation for my growing relationship with math. Inside the classroom, I have learned to embrace that math can be challenging, and I use this as motivation to explore the many ways in which math can be manipulated or interpreted while approaching a problem. I have also become increasingly aware of how math intertwines with my interests outside the classroom. As a sailor, I am constantly thinking about vectors in relation to the wind, current, and the course. I am so excited to continue to broaden my exposure to and understanding of mathematics and its applications at Dartmouth, both through my study of mathematics and as a member of the varsity sailing team. I am grateful to the Byrne Scholars Program for providing me with the opportunity to become involved with math at a deeper level, and I hope to leave Dartmouth prepared to take on the world knowing mathematics is a tool I will always have in my back pocket.

Eliza Crocker

Scott Dayton ’23

Hometown: Boise, Idaho

I have always enjoyed math. When I was younger, I relished in how there was always a right and wrong answer to questions, but as I grew up, I enjoyed seeing how so much of our lives rest on mathematical concepts. At Dartmouth, I am excited to explore Mathematical Data Science at Dartmouth, as my specific interest in math at the moment relates to the opioid crisis. Data scientists may be able to track areas riddled with overprescription and thus combat the crisis from the supply side.

My other hobbies include club basketball, playing the saxophone, and hiking with my dog and friends.

Scott Dayton with dog

Hubert Galan Jr. ’23

Hometown: Boston, Massachusetts

Growing up, I was always the kid that was known for being “good at math.” It wasn’t until I got to high school when I realized the extent to which I love the area of study. The dexterity of mathematics is one of its most appealing features to me. It can be used simply to determine the cost of groceries or more drastically be used to determine the radius of the sun. I hope to use some aspect of mathematics to give back to inner-city, impoverished communities back home in Boston.

Hubert Galan Jr.

Kate Kucharczuk ’23

Hometown: Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania

My love for math and logic began when I was a little girl. In primary school, I loved solving problems and analyzing patterns in sudokus, puzzles, and cryptograms. During my last two high school years, I embarked on a culminating research project in mathematics. I didn’t know what calculus was, so I created an algorithm to calculate area using radial sector summation (rather than the classic Riemann summation) to improve estimations of partial areas beneath the sine curve. The experience cemented my desire to pursue math in higher education, and I’m so excited for what Dartmouth Math has to offer. Along with being a prospective (pure) math major, I hope to fit in a mathematical physics minor and remain on the pre-med track. Outside of the classroom, I compete on the Dartmouth equestrian team, teach yoga, and paint!

Kate Kucharczuk

Varun (Rooney) Malladi ’23

Hometown: Vernon Hills, Illinois

I used to despise math, even though I was “good” at it. I only realized how much I enjoyed it after taking some time to study the theory behind what I was doing. Since then, I’ve been involved in mathematical research through events such as the Illinois and Intel Science Fairs.

My interest is in connecting theoretical concepts to the real world, particularly in finding order among the seemingly random. For example, in high school, I began exploring applications of knot theory in modeling the price/volume ratios of certain stocks. I hope to continue my research in both math and finance through the Mathematical Data Science program, as well as explore new fields, such as Game Theory.

I also like writing, hockey, and baseball. I’m so excited to explore math and my other interests while here at Dartmouth!

Varun Malladi

Anna Mikhailova ’23

I have loved math from a very young age. For me, numbers were the way I bypassed the language barrier that I faced coming from a Russian-speaking household. As I grew older and further explored the field of Mathematics, I found a passion and appreciation for the simplicity that numbers provide. At Dartmouth, I hope to major in Applied Mathematics with perhaps a minor or second major in Economics. I hope to pursue a career in a field related to finance or economics, but I am not yet quite sure exactly where I want to end up. Despite pursuing applied math, I also have a deep fascination with and a draw towards pure mathematics. I particularly enjoy the nuances of Number Theory, Combinatorial Geometry, Graph Theory, and Topology. As a Byrne scholar, I would like to pursue research in both applied and pure mathematics, perhaps somewhere abroad, as I love to experience new cultures and learn new languages. I am excited to wrestle with challenging problems, discover and explore new areas of mathematics, and grow as both a scholar and a person. I am extremely grateful for the opportunity the Jack Byrne scholarship has provided me with!

Anna Mikhailova

Isabel Pantle ’23

Math has always helped me understand the world around me. I see equations in road signs on long car drives, calculus in the petals of a rose when I draw, and mathematic patterns in the nature that surrounds me. I discovered in my senior year that the most intriguing use of mathematics thus far has been when math intersects other disciplines. Outside of my math classes, I saw how math can help find patterns in human behavior in my economics class, or how its connection with science aided the exploration of space in my physics class. It was this intersection of mathematics with other areas of studies that drove me to seek a mathematics major within a liberal arts institution, where I could continue to learn the theory of advanced math but more importantly, focus on applying the logic and patterns of math to solve real-world problems. I can’t wait to see how Dartmouth will help me pursue my passion, and I am so grateful to be a part of such an amazing program that strives to solve the world’s problems through math.

Isabel Pantle

Jacob Zikan ’23

Hometown: Seattle, Washington

For me, math has always been about discovery. When I was younger, the goal was solving puzzles. You were given tools and you had to find interesting ways to put them together in order to reach your goal, and the more tricks and techniques you learned the more puzzles you were able to solve. As I’ve advanced, the types of puzzles I’m interested in has also changed. Math is the basis that life is built on. Through math you can model so many aspects of the world: physical, biological, economic, political, social, and more. I find that fascinating. The more you know about math the more you are able to find and understand. To me math is beautiful not just because of the questions, or puzzles, you can tackle but also because it teaches you how to think. I think that’s a skill that doesn’t just benefit you in math, but in all parts of your life.

Heading into Dartmouth I’m excited to study more advanced topics, but also explore more of the sciences and how they both intertwine. I’m so excited and grateful for all the opportunities that the Jack Byrne scholarship provides for growth and discovery.

Jacob Zikan

Anne Bailey ’22

Hometown: Dover, Massachusetts

I am excited to use Dartmouth’s liberal arts education to explore fields ranging from STEM to the humanities. I’m especially interested in computer science and math, as well as Spanish language, and I hope to pursue these fields in and outside the classroom. My freshman winter and spring, I am excited to be participating in a research internship with Dr. Inas Khayal through the Women in Science Project, using computer programming to process and visualize healthcare administrative claims data. Aside from computer science and math, I enjoy participating in some of Dartmouth’s performing arts and outdoor activities groups.

Raymond Chen ’22

Hometown: Dublin, Ohio

I’ve been interested in mathematics and computer science since high school and am planning to major in both. I’m excited to learn more about number theory and other fields at Dartmouth!

Raymond Chen

Zachary Couvillion ’22

Hometown: Poplarville, Mississippi

Math was my favorite subject throughout high school, and I frequently explored resources outside of class such as Project Euler. I am still undecided regarding my major at Dartmouth, but mathematics remains a strong candidate. Regardless of my choice, the logic and problem-solving of mathematics will impact the way I approach fields of study at Dartmouth.

Thomas Jacob Fyda ’22

Hometown: Reno, Nevada

Math has always been one of my favorite subjects. Dartmouth has allowed me to explore many diverse academic disciplines, and I have been able to incorporate and find math in almost every subject I have encountered. I am particularly interested in applications of math in music, biology, and medicine, and I was able to use my Byrne funds to participate in molecular and evolutionary biology research in Sweden during my freshman summer.

Thomas Jacob Fyda

Cameron Guage ’22

Hometown: Penfield, New York

In high school, I always felt conflicted between my interests in the logic of math and my passion for social sciences and the humanities. While I taught math to students as a part-time job and attended math league competitions in my free time, I also loved reading and watching the news. Dartmouth taught me that I can combine the two; through the Quantitative Social Science program I plan on using math to solve the problems I see in the world around me. I plan to do research going forward while still taking saxophone lessons and playing club rugby at Dartmouth.

Cameron Guage

Joseph Gyorda ’22

Hometown: Hampton Falls, New Hampshire

Mathematics has always been one of my favorite subjects, and after taking a statistics class during my junior year of high school, it became clear to me that it was something I wanted to pursue further in college and as a career. I greatly enjoyed statistics because of its numerous applications in the real world, and I feel that being able to understand and analyze data is becoming increasingly important and prevalent in our modern world. At Dartmouth, I plan to continue taking classes in the mathematics department and to further explore classes in computer science and quantitative social science. Additionally, I am an active member of the Dartmouth Triathlon Team, Dartmouth Mathematical Society, and Dartmouth Sports Analytics Club.

Joseph Gyorda

Kayla Hamann ’22

Kayla’s strong interest in math dates back to her fourth grade career day, where she dressed up as an aspiring math teacher. She loves math due to its logical and objective nature and thrives on the excitement of solving a particularly difficult problem. Kayla comes from a family of educators but also has an interest in how math can be implemented outside of the classroom and hopes to use her Byrne scholarship to seek research opportunities and internships which will help her decide which path (academia/government/industry) she wants to pursue. On campus, Kayla is an aspiring math major and on the executive board of women in mathematics (AWM).

Kayla Hamann

Archita Harathi ’22

Hometown: Portland, Oregon

Archita has an immense passion for math. From working at math centers that tutor young children in different mathematical concepts, to traveling to India and teaching 6th graders in a local government school, Archita applies her love for math not only inside her own classroom, but in others’ as well. At Dartmouth, Archita aims to major in Mathematics and Economics and hopes to pursue mathematical research opportunities throughout her time as an undergraduate. Aside from math, Archita enjoys involving herself in activities such as dancing, singing, and playing sports.

Benjamin Martin ’22

San Luis Obispo High School, San Luis Obispo, California

I am a freshman at Dartmouth planning on studying engineering. Math has always been an important subject for me as a way to understand and work with the world around me. I want to help solve some of the biggest problems affecting our planet right now, such as climate change and non-renewable energy reliance. I figure that with math as one of my strong suits, engineering would be a good place for me. At Dartmouth, I plan on being involved with energy research through Thayer and developing my engineering skills through Dartmouth Formula Racing club. Outside math and engineering, I like to practice acting, and I’m a member of the student-run Shakespeare acting troupe, the Dartmouth Rude Mechanicals (shoutout to Anne Bailey).

Maria Roodnitsky ’22

Hometown: West Des Moines, Iowa

Maria is from West Des Moines where she has worked for several years at a neighborhood Mathnasium center. Maria’s favorite part about the study of math is the community that inevitably forms around it: she believes that you can always work through logic alone, but it is so much better to work through it together. On campus, she is involved with the Dartmouth Equestrian team, and she plays the flute for the Dartmouth Wind Ensemble; she also intends to major in Mathematical Data Science and Computer Science.

Maria Roodnitsky

Connor Spencer ’22

Hometown: Barkhamsted, Connecticut

I have always enjoyed mathematics classes, but I fully realized my passion for math when I entered the Moody’s Mega Math Challenge in high school, where I got to use math modeling to address real-world problems. This experience taught me that math models can be applied to almost any part of society, and that they may present the answers to our most potent social issues moving forward. In high school, I also recited 2,027 digits of pi, a feat which ranks me within the top 90 globally. At Dartmouth, I am excited to follow a computer science and applied mathematics track and to use the power of computer processing to develop more sophisticated mathematic models. Outside of computer science and math, I am also involved with the Dartmouth Triathlon Team and look forward to competing with them in the future.

Kyle Bensink ’21

Victor Senior High School, Victor, New York

Kyle is drawn to the STEM fields overall, and before applying to Dartmouth had a conversation with Physics Department Chair James LaBelle which he found “tremendously engaging”. Kyle felt they really clicked and was impressed with the time Professor LaBelle took to show him the Physics facilities and introduce him to other faculty. Kyle is excited about working with and learning from faculty such as Professor LaBelle during the next four years.

Delilah Forrest ’21

San Dieguito Academy, Encinitas, California

Delilah is excited about the way a liberal arts education at Dartmouth enables intellectual growth and community building and is looking forward to participating in the Association for Women in Mathematics, volunteering through the Dartmouth Center for Service, and hiking Mount Moosilauke, among other things. She is interested in combating the AIDS pandemic through the study of academic areas such as biology, pharmaceutical studies, and math.

Theodore Green ’21

Our Lady of Mercy High School, Rochester, New York

Math has always been a crucial way for me to understand and contextualize the world around me. Since coming to Dartmouth, I have been able to combine my love for math with earth sciences to explore everything from the movement of continents to modern climate change through mathematical modeling and data analysis. The Byrne Scholars program enabled me to travel to Germany my freshman summer to work on mathematical modeling of DNA recombination in early hominids, and I am excited to see what else I am able to explore in the next couple years with earth science and math.

(Francesco) Vann Guarnieri ’21

Messalonskee High School, Oakland, Maine

Vann’s high school robotics team meets in one of his town’s few remaining manufacturing facilities and “seeing this plant struggle to survive has shown me how much traditional industry is hurting”. He is looking forward to the interdisciplinary programs at Dartmouth and “an education full of research and technology that will allow me to help my own community and the world as a whole arrive at new solutions for a better future”.

Aadil Islam ’21

Burlington High School, Burlington, Massachusetts

Whether it be energetic 4th and 5th graders or his stressed-out friends, Aadil has enjoyed tutoring children of all ages in math throughout his years in high school. With years of experience in running the Elementary Schools Math Circle for his town and privately tutoring kids one-on-one, he sees patience and constant real-world application as key to promoting greater interest in mathematics. He hopes to further his understanding in statistics and data science through research here at Dartmouth to become as helpful a future educator as he possibly can be.

Aadil Islam

Hugo Nam ’21

Washburn Rural High School, Topeka, Kansas

I am a freshman at Dartmouth, and I have so far explored various subject areas including mathematics, chemistry, Spanish, and philosophy. I’ve loved every class I’ve taken, but mathematics and philosophy particularly interest me, and I look forward to studying these fields further in my years at Dartmouth. As for research, I am excited to be able to study biostatistics in evolutionary genetics as an intern at the Max Planck Institute in Leipzig, Germany this summer.

Hugo (Hyung Ju) Nam