Theory of Linear Structures

Undergraduate seminar
Fall 2015

ORGANIZERS: Jim Binkoski (Philosophy), Pierre Clare (Math)
Jody Trout (Math), Pete Winkler (Math)
TIME: Mondays at 3:00pm
PLACE: 004 Kemeny Hall


NYU philosopher Tim Maudlin has devised a replacement for standard topology that (he claims) is more intuitive and leads to a better understanding of physical space.
Maudlin's book is available online and is remarkably easy to read and understand.

Is it as revolutionary as he says?

The point of this informal seminar will be for the participants to form an opinion. This will be an exciting opportunity to explore a brand new theory from the ground up.
Intended for math majors but physicists, philosophers and computer scientists are welcome as well.

Contact one of the organizers for details or if you want to receive updates about this seminar.

Date Speaker Title
September 21 Pete WinklerOrganizational meeting
September 28Pierre Clare(Maud)linear structures: first axioms and examples
October 5 Jim Binkoski Examples of linear structures - Handout - Problem set
October 12 Pete Winkler
James Drain
The Wild Line, the Woven Plane and other examples
October 19Jody TroutSpace-time topology, causality and (Maud)linear structures
November 2 Jody Trout Linear structures and topology
November 9Jim BinkoskiIntroduction to the physics and philosophy of time
November 16 Helena Caswell Open sets and neighborhoods from linear structures