Mathematics Colloquium

Thursday, May 16, 1996, 4:00pm

102 Bradley Hall

Professor WeiPing Li

Oklahoma State University

speaks on

An Atiyah conjecture on Floer homology

Abstract. I will explain the basic construction of the Floer homology which is rooted from classical Morse theory. The talk will be given by mimic construction from classical Morse theory to the instanton Floer homology of 3-manifolds. Then we discuss the Atiyah's conjecture for the rest of time.

Tea. High tea will be served at 3:30pm in the Lounge.
Emmy's. Certain refreshments will be available at the Emmy's after the talk.
Host. Shunhui Zhu will be the host. Anybody who is interested in having dinner with the speaker should contact Shunhui at 646-3678.