Dartmouth Mathematics Colloquium

Thursday, March 27, 1997

4:00-5:00 pm

102 Bradley Hall

Professor Solomon Friedberg

Boston College

speaks on

Sums of Dirichlet Series

Abstract. This talk will present an introduction to on-going research on sums of Dirichlet series. We will first survey some fundamental ideas of Dirichlet which are closely related to his proof that there are infinitely many primes in an arithmetic progression, next briefly describe the analysis leading to the modern theory of automorphic forms, and then fuse these topics to present some new objects whose study has only begun.

High tea will be served at 3:30 pm in the Lounge.
Emmy's. Certain refreshments will be available at Emmy's after the talk.
Host. Dorothy Wallace is the host. Anybody who is interested in having dinner with the speaker should contact Dorothy at 646-3610.