Dartmouth1997 Dartmouth Kemeny Lecture Series MATH

Professor Harold M. Stark

Department of Mathematics

University of California at San Diego

will present the following series of lectures

A Non-Euclidean Big Bang

Wednesday, April 30, 7:00 pm, Filene Auditorium

Abstract. We will follow an expanding shock wave as it evolves in a particular non-euclidean space. Besides the fact that the pictures are nice, this particular shock wave has connections with unsolved problems in number theory. All necessary facts about non-euclidean geometry will be covered in the talk. This talk will be accessible to an undergraduate audience.

L-functions and Class Fields

Thursday, May 1, 4:00 pm, 102 Bradley Hall

Abstract. It has long been recognized that zeta functions and L-functions attached to number fields carry in their analytic structure an amazing amount of information about those fields. In the last quarter century, conjectures have evolved showing how values of these functions at particular points can sometimes be used to determine the fields in question. The numerical evidence is convincing, but the conjectures remain unproved.
High Tea. Will be served at 3:30 pm in the Faculty Lounge on the second floor of Bradley Hall.

Zeta Functions of Graphs and Quadratic Covers

Friday, May 2, 4:00 pm, 102 Bradley Hall

Abstract. There are several interrelated ways to define a zeta function of a finite graph which mimic zeta functions of number fields. The simplest of these are functions of one variable. The more complicated functions are functions of several variables which reduce to the one variable function when the variables are specialized. All of these functions behave in a manner similar to the theory of zeta functions and their factorizations into L-functions in the number field setting. In this talk we will survey some of these functions and their interrelations.
High Tea. Will be served at 3:30 pm in the Faculty Lounge on the second floor of Bradley Hall.

Hosts. Tom Shemanske and Dorothy Wallace are the hosts. Anybody who is interested in having dinner with the speaker during his visit to Dartmouth should contact either Tom at 646-3179 or Dorothy at 646-3610.

All talks will be self-contained and accessible to graduate students.