Dartmouth Math Colloquia for Winter Term, 2005

Seminars are (usually) on Thursdays at 4:00 PM in L02 Carson Hall.

Follow the links to get abstracts.

Jan 13
David Griffeath, University of Wisconsin -- Madison

Rigorous Results for Digital Snowflake Growth
3:00 pm Friday
Jan 14
Craig A. Tracy, U.C. Davis

The Airy and Pearcey Processes
5:00 pm Friday
Jan 14
Anthony Baerlocher, Director of Game Design, IGT

The Art of the Math Behind Slot Machines
Jan 20
Mauricio Gutierrez, Tufts University

Recent Developments in Group Theory
Jan 27
Frank Morgan, Williams College

Double Bubbles in $R^n$ and Other Spaces
Feb 3
Amit Khetan, University of Massachusetts

Implicitization of surfaces in $P^3$ using toric varieties
4:10 pm Wednesday
Feb 9
Alex Barnett, New York University

High-frequency cavity modes: efficient computation and applications
2:30 pm Thursday
Feb 10
Noam Greenberg, University of Notre Dame

There is a difference between true finiteness and impostors
Feb 10
Elizabeth Allman, University of Southern Maine

Modeling Molecular Evolution: Markov models of DNA mutation on trees
11:00 am Friday
Feb 11
John Rhodes, Bates College

Matrix Rank, Tensor Rank, and the Algebraic Statistics of Molecular Evolution
2:00 pm Friday
Feb 11
Craig Sutton, University of Pennsylvania

Applications of Riemannian Submersions to Spectral Geometry and Manifolds of Positive Sectional Curvature
Feb 11
William Stein, Harvard University

Computational verification of the Birch and Swinnerton-Dyer conjecture for specific elliptic curves
2:00 pm Monday
Feb 14
Selim Esedoglu, University of California at Los Angeles

Threshold dynamics for the piecewise constant Mumford--Shah functional of image segmentation
4:10 pm Monday
Feb 14
Joseph Miller, Indiana University

Kolmogorov complexity and Martin-Lof randomness
Feb 17
Ann Lee, Yale University

Geometric tools for high-dimensional data analysis
4:10 pm Friday
Feb 18
Jared Anderson, Institute for Advanced Study

Mirkovic--Vilonen polytopes and cluster algebras
4:10 pm Friday
Feb 18
Rebecca Weber, Pennsylvania State University

Sets, ideals, and $\Pi^0_1$ classes
4:10 pm Tuesday
Feb 22
Mariel Vazquez, University of California at Berkeley

Topological analysis of enzymatic actions: site-specific recombinases and topoisomerases
Feb 24
Siegfried Echterhoff, University of Muenster (Germany)

Non-commutative topology and the Connes-Kasparov conjecture
Mar 3
Jozef Przytycki, George Washington University

Open problems in Knot Theory which everyone can try to solve
Mar 10
May 29