Workshop: Shimura curves in the LMFDB

February 5th-9th 2024, Dartmouth College


image credit: Microsoft Image Creator

Confirmed participants:
- Santiago Arango-Pineros
- Eran Assaf
- Shiva Chidambaram
- Steve Huang
- Adam Logan
- Oana Padurariu
- James Rickards
- David Roe
- Freddy Saia
- Ciaran Schembri
- Jacob Swenberg
- John Voight

Organizers: Eran Assaf, Ciaran Schembri, John Voight

Please contact ciaran dot schembri at dartmouth dot edu with any questions

This conference is an activity of the Simons Collaboration in Arithmetic Geometry, Number Theory, and Computation. We are grateful to the Simons Foundation for its financial support.