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                               =====[ Under Construction ]=====

Below are some free software and their sources which are developed for my own use. Feel free to use or customize but please read the disclaimer.

MATLAB Libraries. Codes developed for some of the research projects. Files starting with "cls" are classes, "run" are executable scripts, and rest are either matlab functions or include scripts (I use a variation of Java naming convention). More help/instructions will be added later.  
Download:  sources    Requires: you'll need to install cvx from here and also Parallel Computing Toolbox of Matlab.

Voice enabled Gradebook Assistant. This is an app for recording grades and its goal is to save time of instructors especially the ones with large classes. User inputs by saying student's name (or typing a few letters of it) and then points earned, app finds the student, adds up the points and records the grades. There is no documentation (sorry) but here is a 2 minute video img which demonstrates main features (first part shows speech recognition input and the last part shows how keyboard input works).
Requires: A comma separated class list, and Windows 7 or newer (if you are not a Windows user then a virtual machine also works as shown the video).
Download:  app and sources.

LaTeX advanced search and replace. Flex is a free and open-source lexical analyzer. It can be used to do advanced editing on latex files easily. Below are some examples which can be customized for other purposes. (Note: These are built on the latex lexical analyzer by Kresten Krab Thorup and Per Abrahamsen) :

 -latex_mathmode_tex2latex : replaces the tex style formula tags $ and $$ to latex style ones "\(" and "\[" with matching closures.
-add_prefix_to_images :   finds media files in a tex file and adds a prefix "images/" if it doesn't already have.

-latex_list_dep :  lists external file dependencies (such as includegraphics, include, input, etc) which are in use (i.e. uncommented).

Requires: Any OS that supports flex (Linux, Windows or Mac OS)
Download:  sources

AutoColored text files. Automatically colors the text files. Coloring done by certain control characters such as anything between { }, or any word following character +, or enumerations which start beginning of a line and end wit a dot etc. This is inspired by an app called todotxt. It extends it to any text file that has extension .c.txt.  It looks like this screenshot img.
Requires: kate-editor (Linux, Windows or Mac OS),
Download:  sources

Timelock parental control. Simple portable app to block the computer screen when : (i) a predefined duration ends (ii) an alarm time has been reached. See Screenshot img for details (Requires Windows or Wine on Linux  source code).

Manual tiling scripts. Until someone writes a good tiling manager for Gnome (with manual controls and multi monitor and panel support) here is a poor man's version of it : see in action img (Requires X-Windows, and  assigning keyboard shortcuts before using: download scripts)

For the other software projects that I contributed see www.risk-software.com (note English version of the site is not up to date.)

Each of these software is provided 'as-is', without any express or implied warranty. In no event will the authors be held liable for any damages arising from the use of this software. Use at your own risk. Some of them haven't been maintained for a while and might need to be updated, recompiled etc...