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  • (with L. Borcea) Passive array imaging in random media,
    preprint, 2017  (download pdf)      

  • 1 -based imaging in metric setting: Incoherence and sparsity,
    preprint, 2017

  • (with L. Borcea)  A multiple measurement vector approach to synthetic aperture radar imaging, to appear in SIAM Journal on Imaging Sciences, 2017   (download pdf)

  • (with R. Lai, L. Qiu, Y. Yang, and T. Zhou) Applications of cgo solutions on inverse problems of coupled-physics imaging methods,  Inverse Problems and Imaging, Volume 11 Issue 2, 277 – 304, 2017  (download pdf)

  • (with L. Borcea) Imaging in random media with convex optimization, SIAM J. Imaging Sci., 10(1), 147–190, 2016  (download pdf)

  • (with L. Borcea) Resolution analysis of imaging with l1 optimization. SIAM Journal on Imaging Sciences, 8, 2015  (download pdf)

    Array imaging is concerned with reconstructing sources/scatterers from the measurements of the wave field at far away sensors.  The wave field measurements scattered from two distinct objects decorrelate as the objects get further apart from each other. There is a close relation between the resolution and the properties of this decorrelation; in particular its behavior near 0 and its rate of change in direction of wave propagation or in the directions orthogonal to it.

  • (with H. Liu, and H. Sun) Regular scattering patterns from near-cloaking devices and their  implications for invisibility cloaking, Inverse Problems, 29, 2013  (download pdf)

  • (with I. Kirat) A new class of exceptional self-affine fractals, Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications, 401, 2013 (download pdf)

  • (with I. Kirat) On the dimension of self-affine fractals, In Chaos and Complex Systems,  2013 (download pdf)

  • Hybrid Inverse Problems Arising from Acousto-Electric Coupling,
    PhD diss., University of Washington, uri:hdl.handle.net/1773/24330, 2013 (download pdf)

  • Acousto-electric tomography and CGO solutions with internal data, Inverse Problems, 28, 2012  (download pdf)


    Acoustic waves can induce slight changes in the conductivity of a medium. In acousto-electric tomography (AET), we want to use this physical phenomenon in order to provide a stable reconstruction of high-contrast electrical properties of tissue while using high-resolution features of ultrasound imaging.  

  • (with I. Kirat) Remarks on self-affine fractals with polytope convex hulls, Fractals, 18, 2010 (download pdf)

    A self-affine or a self-similar set can be viewed as a complex set which consist of smaller copies of itself.  These complex sets arise in various contexts such as  radix expansions, the construction of compactly supported wavelets and Markov partitions. In this project we studied the problem of locating the extreme points of convex hulls of certain complex sets, and showed that they can be  computed explicitely when its convex hull is a polytope.