Math 251: Abstract Algebra I

Fall 2007


Course Info:


Syllabus and Grading:

Syllabus: According to the official catalog description, this course covers "basic theory of groups, rings, fields, homomorphisms, and isomorphisms."

Here is my syllabus for the course:

[PDF] Syllabus

Grading: Weekly homework will count for 55% of the grade. There will be three 50-minute exams which will each count for 15% of the grade.

Please note that the third exam occurs in place of the final exam.

You are permitted to bring to each exam one 8x11-sheet of paper upon which you may write anything that you like on one side.



When there are worksheets from group work in class, they will be posted here.

[PDF] Worksheet, Day #2 (August 29)

[PDF] Worksheet, Day #6 (September 10)

[PDF] Worksheet, Day #11 (September 21)

[PDF] Worksheet, Day #27 (October 29)

[PDF] Worksheet, Day #37 (November 28)



Homework is due on Wednesdays. Be sure to show your work and explain how you got your answer. Correct but incomplete answers will only receive partial credit. Part of the beauty of mathematics is in the elegance of its proofs, and one goal of this course is for you to learn to write mathematics excellently.

Cooperation on homework is permitted (and encouraged), but if you work together, do not take any paper away with you--in other words, you can share your thoughts (say on a blackboard), but you have to walk away with only your understanding. In particular, write the solution up on your own.

Solutions are available upon request!

[TeX] [PDF] Homework #1 (Due September 5)

[TeX] [PDF] Homework #2 (Due September 12)

[TeX] [PDF] Homework #3 (Due September 19)

[TeX] [PDF] Homework #4 (Due September 26)

[TeX] [PDF] Homework #5 (Due October 3)

[TeX] [PDF] Homework #6 (Due October 17)

[TeX] [PDF] Homework #7 (Due October 24)

[TeX] [PDF] Homework #8 (Due October 31)

[TeX] [PDF] Homework #9 (Due November 14, modified October 31)

[TeX] [PDF] Homework #10 (Due November 28)

[TeX] [PDF] Homework #11 (Due December 5, fixed typo December 3)



[TeX] [PDF] Review, Exam #1 (October 5)

[TeX] [PDF] Review, Exam #1, In class (October 5)

[PDF] Exam #1 ... [PDF] Solutions

[TeX] [PDF] Review, Exam #2 (November 5)

[TeX] [PDF] Review, Exam #2, In class (November 5)

[PDF] Exam #2 ... [PDF] Solutions

[TeX] [PDF] Review, Exam #3 (December 5, corrected December 5)

[TeX] [PDF] Review, Exam #3, In class (December 5)

[PDF] Exam #3 ... [PDF] Solutions