Math 241: Analysis in Several Real Variables I

Fall 2009


Course Info:



[PDF] Syllabus

According to the course catalogue, the course will cover: "Properties of the real numbers, metric spaces, infinite sequences and series, continuity."



[PDF] Homework #1 (due Wednesday, 9 Sep)

[PDF] Homework #2 (due Wednesday, 16 Sep)

[PDF] Homework #3 (due Wednesday, 23 Sep)

[PDF] Homework #4 (due Wednesday, 30 Sep)

[PDF] Homework #5 (due Monday!, 5 Oct)

[PDF] Homework #6 (due Wednesday, 21 Oct)

[PDF] Homework #7 (due Wednesday, 28 Oct)

[PDF] Homework #8 (due Wednesday, 4 Nov; updated 2 Nov)

[PDF] Homework #9 (due Wednesday, 11 Nov; updated 4 Nov)

[PDF] Homework #10 (due Wednesday, 18 Nov)

[PDF] Homework #11 (due Wednesday, 9 Dec)

Homework is (usually) due on Wednesdays. Cooperation on homework is permitted (and encouraged), but if you work together, do not take any paper away with you--in other words, you can share your thoughts (say on a blackboard), but you have to walk away with only your understanding. In particular, write the solution up on your own.



[PDF] Worksheet, Day #11 (25 Sep)

[PDF] Worksheet, Day #24 (28 Oct)

[PDF] Worksheet, Proofs (4 Nov)

[PDF] Worksheet, Day #29 (9 Nov)

[PDF] Worksheet, Review Exam #2, In class (18 Nov)

[PDF] Worksheet, Review Exam #2

[PDF] Worksheet, Final Review

(Real/fantasy analysis artwork thanks to Pat Fitzgerald.)



There will be two midterm exams and a comprehensive final exam.

You are permitted to bring to each exam one 8x11-sheet of paper upon which you may write anything that you like on one side.

[PDF] Exam #1 (Wednesday, 7 Oct) ... [PDF] Solutions

[PDF] Exam #2 (Friday, 20 Nov) ... [PDF] Solutions

[PDF] Final Exam (Tuesday, 15 Dec) ... [PDF] Solutions