Thu Jan 23 00:46:41 2003 : Testing comment feature.

Thu Jan 30 16:17:08 2003 : Will you or Prof.Ribet post the solutions to the homework problems on your(or Prof.Ribet's)website? Thanks!

Sat Feb 1 00:52:43 2003 : Sure, I'll be posting solutions to the homeworks soon after grading them. I should have the first post up on Monday afternoon. Cheers, John

Thu Feb 6 12:29:01 2003 : I believe that if you are going to continue assigning problem sets on a weekly basis, you should be more selective in choosing problems. Sure, most of this week's problems were interesting to think about, but 14 problems is overkill, especially when many have multiple parts.

Tue Mar 11 15:29:30 2003 : Just a quick question: on his webpage, Dr Ribet has the next homework being due on Tuesday the 17th. I assume this is supposed to be Tuesday the 18th, correct?

Thu Apr 24 21:53:03 2003 : Is there going to be a final exam?

Tue Jun 24 13:34:38 2003 : Check baby check.