John Voight

Research Professor of Mathematics
Dartmouth College

Official version

The official version on Springer's website is open access.

[Link] Quaternion algebras, official version

Errata and addenda

[PDF] Errata and addenda for first edition (2021 printing)

Current version

The errata and addenda have been incorporated into the following (up to date) version.

[PDF] Quaternion algebras, post-publication version (v.1.0.6u, May 5, 2024)

The stable version kept for those who need a version that is updated less often.

[PDF] Quaternion algebras, stable post-publication version (v.1.0.5, January 10, 2024)

Supplementary material

[PDF] Quaternion algebras companion

Archived versions

The following drafts are just for archival purposes--you will almost surely want one of the versions above.

[PDF]v.0.9.28, May 20, 2021
[PDF]v.0.9.23, August 2, 2020
[PDF]v.0.9.15, May 26, 2019
[PDF]v.0.9.14, July 7, 2018
[PDF]v.0.9.2, April 18, 2017