John Voight

Associate Professor of Mathematics
Dartmouth College


Please note that the versions that appear here may differ from the published version, as the errata have been corrected. The version here is the most up-to-date; the arXiv versions are updated less often.

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L-Functions and Modular Forms Database (LMFDB)


  • [PDF] Perfect numbers: An elementary introduction
  • [PDF] Introduction to stacks
  • [PDF] Toric surfaces and continued fractions
  • [Link] Oberwolfach seminar on Explicit Algebraic Number Theory
  • [PDF] Aspects of complex multiplication (notes from Zagier)
  • [PDF] Introduction to group schemes (notes from Schoof)
  • [Link] Rational and integral points on higher dimensional varieties (notes from AIM)
  • [PDF] Algebraic geometry (notes from Hartshorne)