1.5 Trigonometric Functions



The trigonometric functions are important for modeling periodic behavior. The circular function definitions of sine and cosine are introduced, as are the definitions of the tangent, the secant, the cosecant, and the cotangent functions. The trigonometric identities that follow readily from symmetry considerations are also developed.

By the end of your studying, you should know:

On-screen applet instructions: The initial value of the angle is set to 1 (radian) in order to give a picture that is meaningful before there is any movement of the slider. The initial position of the slider is at angle 0, however, so that the graphs start at zero.


Evaluate the following exactly:

A particle moving back and forth on the x axis has its position given as a function of time t as follows:

Where is the particle when t = 0 and how long does it take to return to this position?

Find all solutions to the following equation:


Definitions of sin(x) and cos(x)
Trigonometric Identities


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