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Since my first visit to the region in 1985, I have become more and more involved with Central America, and, lately, most intensely with El Salvador. I have taught and lectured in Nicaragua, El Salvador, and Mexico, and have written about the region and especially about the impact of United States policy there. (See C.V. pages.)

Here is El Salvador's flag, and a brief sketch of its history and vital statistics. There are also a few links to more sources of information.

This link leads to a short article about the life of Enrique Alvarez, "the first rich man who gave his life for the poor of El Salvador" (Mons. Ricardo Urioste).

Here is a photo of Enrique and a chronology of events during and around his lifetime.


While working on the story of Enrique Alvarez, I learned of some episodes from El Salvador's history which I thought were interesting on their own. Some of these are here (below). They may in time become chapters in a short book tentatively entitled The Mystery of Justo Armas and Other "Historias" from El Salvador.

A difference of opinion

The most beautiful girl in the world

The Trojan Horse -- 1984

Eichmann in Memphis: The Trial of Nicolas Carranza

Who was Justo Armas? (This article is under construction. But here is a short story about don Justo by a present day Salvadoran author.)

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