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To begin, here is the first member of the third generation: Natasha, at age 1. Oh yes, her parents too, my son Steve and his wife Andrea Ruttenger.
Here's her younger sister Alexandra, age 3 when the photo was taken. With excellent gymnasts like this, who needs the Olympics?
And this is Nicolle, Steve and Andrea's third (and last?) child/daughter. She's also about 3 in this photo.
This lovely young lady is Zea, age 1, taking a bath in the kitchen sink. She's the daughter of my third son Aaron and his partner Franny Eanet.
For the last 30 plus years (!!), my best friend, statistical consultant and mentor, and general compañera, has been Dr. Arlene Ash. We met when she was a John Wesley Young Instructor at Dartmouth.
Here is Arlene again, exploring a beautiful rainforest in Puerto Rico.
Here is another photo of Zea, with her dad Aaron Lamperti. She's two years old in this one.
Zea has a new baby sister named "Sage"! In this photo she's only a couple of days old.
Here's a photo of Enrique Alvarez Córdova, taken when he was 50. I never met him, but I've thought about him so much that he seems to belong on this page too. For much more about Enrique, go to the Central America pages.
This is my oldest son Matthew on the occasion of his marriage with Madeline Larsen in the summer of 2003. A year later they were expecting twins (!), due to be born in November 2004.

And here are those twins, Irene and Fiona, and their mother, about six months after their birth and all looking sooo cool.

Finally, here is my daughter Noelle, with her husband Robert Bushell in a beautiful pea-green boat (?) on Lake Sunape in 2003.

Here are a few links to pages of family and friends.

Arlene Ash was a professor at BU Medical School, but has recently (November, 2009) moved to Univ. of Massachusetts Medical School in Worcester. She's also a founding partner in a medical-care software company that used to be called DxCG. She doesn't have her own web site, but here is a page about her.

Arlene's nephew Michael Ash is an up-and-coming economist.

Her brother Peter Ash has a blog about math education, with lots of interesting problems.

Arlene's older brother Marshall Ash is a pure mathematician and a professor at DePaul University.

Here is a strange little story. I urge anyone who thinks the world is too rational to check this out! After you're suitably confused by that one, here are some adventures with (mis?)applied probability to ponder.


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