General information

Instructors Erik van Erp (Section 01) Bjoern Muetzel (Section 02)
Email erikvanerp AT bjorn.mutzel AT

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This course provides an introduction to statistics, and aims to develop basic statistical literacy. We discuss widely used statistical concepts (normal distribution, linear regression, p-values, etc), and how to use and interpret such concepts intelligently.



Statistics, by Freedman, Pisani, and Purves, 4th Edition, ISBN: 0-393-92972-8


There will be one in-class midterm exams and a cumulative final exam during finals week.

If you have a conflict with the midterm exams because of a religious observance, scheduled extracurricular activity such as a game or performance [not practice], or similar commitment, please see your instructor as soon as possible. If you must miss a class, it is your responsibility to submit all homework on time.

Homework Policy 

Homework is assigned at the end of each week, as listed on the Canvas page. A new pset is posted each Friday, and is due the next Wednesday. No late homework will be accepted.


The course grade will be based on your scores on exams and homework.

The Honor Principle

Academic integrity is at the core of our mission as mathematicians and educators, and we take it very seriously.

Cooperation on homework problems is permitted, but in the end you should write up your own solutions.

On exams, you may not give or receive help from anyone. Exams in this course are closed book. Calculators are permitted.


The TAs for Math 10, Alex Wilson and Ben Adenbaum will run tutorials. Tutorials focus on homework assignments. What happens during these tutorials depends on the questions that you bring. You can aks for explanation about the concepts, or, more commonly, ask for help with specific practice problems. Tutorials are open to all Math 10 students. You don't need an appointment.


Students with disabilities who will be taking this course and may need disability-related classroom accommodations are encouraged to make an appointment to see their instructor as soon as possible. For further information on the available support services, please contact Student Accessibility Services.