Math 116, Spring 2015

Topics in Applied Mathematics

Dartmouth College, Department of Mathematics


Course Time: MWF 10:00-11:05,

x-hour Th 12-12:50.

Classroom: TBA


Instructor: Olivia Prosper

Office: 318 Kemeny Hall

Phone: 603-646-1614



Course description:


Biology presents complex problems requiring quantitative approaches to tackle them. This term, Math 116 will serve as an introduction to mathematical modeling in biology, with an emphasis in modeling disease dynamics. You will learn to construct, analyze, and simulate models and interpret your results within their biological context. The course (tentatively) will focus on classical techniques for analyzing nonlinear ordinary differential equations, model validation, and stochastic models in biology. Time permitting, additional topics may touch on delay differential equations and age-structured PDE models. By the end of the term, you will have experience posing biological problems and using mathematics to elucidate them, as well as an appreciation for the challenges at the interface of mathematics and biology.