Homework due day 6 (unless specified)

1) Skemp.
Be ready to present your assigned chapters of Skemp, or if you read the whole book, ideas from the remaining chapters.

2) MC1 lesson plans.
Produce complete lesson plans for each day of math camp. The first two days are due by the end of the day on Wednesday July 12, the remaining three by the end of the day on Thursday July 13. This is a group assignment, but you may divide up both the detailed planning and the actual writing as you wish, as long as everybody does roughly the same amount of each kind of work. Lesson plans must include for each lesson: goals, materials, assessment plans (this means copies of any actual questionnaires you'll use, and who will handle them, what observers will do and from where in the room). Be sure to include evaluation of content as well as non-content goals. It's crucial that the group checks that the prior knowledge needed for each lesson is already present. Lesson plans can be uploaded to dropbox, or placed in one of our mailboxes by the above times.

3) 5-min lecture segment. (for Thursday 1pm; although tell us what goal you're working on by end of Wednesday).
Individually each prepare a 5-minute lecture segment of a lesson plan from math camp 1, to be delivered at the start of Thursday's class and videotaped, in room 007. (Note, this is a segment, so it need not be a complete presentation of a topic. However, don't simply prepare a lot and plan to stop after 5 minutes; you should choose in advance how much to present.) Explicitly make use of techniques from the Hativa (1983) article; this requires reading Hativa. Hand in to us a (mini) lesson plan for this presentation, with annotations (which can be by hand) showing use where the categories of good techniques from Hativa you are using appear in your lesson. Use reference numbers from Table 1 of Hativa (eg, 1.23). Also, tell us one goal from your first video feedback essay that you are working on in this presentation. This is due by the end of the day on Wednesday, so we can incorporate it into the feedback sheet for your lecture.