Instructor: Justin Miller

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Date: Lecture Topic: Lecture Notes Assignments Due:
3/25 Introduction Download Introduction
3/27 Axioms and Formalism Download Axioms and Formalism
3/29 First Axioms Download First Axioms Homework 0 Download Homework 0
4/01 Algebra of Sets Download Algebra of Sets
4/03 Ordered Pairs and Relations Download Ordered Pairs and Relations
4/05 Functions Download Functions

Homework 1 Download Homework 1

Solutions Download Solutions

4/08 No Class (Eclipse)
4/09 Equivalence Relations Download Equivalence Relations
4/10 Ordering Relations Download Ordering Relations
4/12 Numbers Download Numbers

Homework 2 Download Homework 2

Solutions Download Solutions

4/15 Recursion Download Recursion
4/16 Arithmetic Download Arithmetic
4/17 Ordering the Natural Numbers Download Ordering the Natural Numbers


4/19 No Class

Homework 3  Download Homework 3 

Solutions Download Solutions

4/22 No Class


4/23 Integers and Rationals Download Integers and Rationals
4/24+4/26 Real Numbers Download Real Numbers

Homework 4 Download Homework 4

Solutions Download Solutions


Sizes of Sets Download Sizes of Sets



Midterm Quiz

Midterm Quiz

Solutions Download Solutions

5/01 Cardinal Arithmetic Download Cardinal Arithmetic
5/03 Ordering Cardinal Numbers Download Ordering Cardinal Numbers



5/06 Axiom of Choice Download Axiom of Choice Take-Home Midterm Download Take-Home Midterm
5/08 Infinite Cardinals Download Infinite Cardinals
5/10 More Infinite Cardinals

Project Proposal Download Project Proposal

5/12 Homework 5  Download Homework 5 
5/13 Well Orderings Download Well Orderings Replacement Axioms Download Replacement Axioms
5/15 Epsilon Images and Isomorphisms Download Epsilon Images and Isomorphisms
5/17 Ordinal Numbers Download Ordinal Numbers Homework 6 Download Homework 6
5/20 Cardinal Numbers
5/22 Rank
5/24 Presentations   Homework 7 Download Homework 7
5/27 Memorial Day! (NO CLASS)
5/29 Presentations
TBD Final Quiz   Final Quiz
6/04 Final Project