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In this lecture we review (or introduce) those aspects of the trigonometric functions that we will need for the study of calculus. The trig functions are particularly useful for modeling periodic behavior.

Quick Question

What is the trig identity for sin(x − π/2) illustrated in the following graph?



Outline for Trigonometric Functions


Trigonometric Functions

Today's Homework

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Trigonometric Functions Quiz


  • Click to see the exampleEvaluate a quotient of two trig expressions exactly
  • Click to see the exampleA particle moving back and forth on the x axis has its position given as a function of time t. Where is the particle when t = 0 and how long does it take to return to this position?
  • Click to see the exampleFind all solutions to the equation 1 + 2sin(x) − (sin(x))2 = (cos(x))2 − 1


  • Click to see the appletDefinitions of sin(x) and cos(x)
  • Click to see the appletTrigonometric Identities


  • click to see the videoTricks to translate and scale sin(x)
  • click to see the videoGraph cos(5(x – π/2))
  • click to see the videoGraph 3sin(2x)
  • click to see the videoBasic trig

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