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Math 50 - Introduction to Linear Models

ilker Kocyigit,

Office:  Kemeney 316
Office Hours:  Mondays 10:20-11:20,     Wednesdays 1:00-2:00,   Fridays 1:00-2:00   
(X-hour is Tuesday 12:15-1:05. I will be using it for catch-up/computation sessions or group studies on some weeks, keep X-hour available in your schedules.)

Course Webpage :
Textbook : Introduction to Linear Regression Analysis 5th Edition by Montgomery, Peck, Vining

Class time : MWF 11:30 - 12:35
Class location: Moore 202

Course description

This course provides an introduction to the most common model used in statistical data analysis. Simple linear regression, multiple regression, and analysis of variance are cov­ered, as well as statistical model-building strategies. Regression diagnostics, analysis of complex data sets and scientific computation skills are emphasized. Methods are illustrated with data sets drawn from the health, biological, and social sciences. Computations require the use of a statistical software package R. Click here for weekly lecture schedule. 

Is there a prerequisite?
Yes, MATH 10 or another elementary statistics course.

How are grades calculated ?
Homework Assignments : %45
Midterm Exam : %20
Final Exam : %35 (final will have two parts; take home and in class.)

You will be held responsible for all information that is discussed during lecture and in the homeworks.

There will be several homework assignments which are an important component of this class. Their due dates will be posted on the class webpage (late homeworks will not be accepted). Depending on the length or number of questions in a homework assignment, it is possible that some selected problems/projects from the HW will be graded  (in such a case you will get a completeness score for the rest of the problems in your assignment).

The midterm will be held on classtime and include all previously covered material. The Final Exam is cumulative and will have two components; a take-home part and an in class test.  Check the schedule link for the location and date/time of the exams. Note: There will be NO make up for exams.  In case of an unexpected event such as an accident contact me as soon as possible. In that case you will be required to provide neccesary documentation for your absence. In such a case you will not take makeup but your final exam or homeworks might be weighted more heavily.

Where can I find the exam and homework schedules ?
Click the "Schedule" link at the class webpage.

Academic Honor Principle
For your assignments, you can study in groups, share your ideas and get help from your classmates. However all assignments must be written and submitted individually. All students are required to abide by the Dartmouth’s Academic Honor Principle. Here is the link to Judicial Affairs that explains the Dartmouth’s Academic Honor Principle
For a document which provides a broad overview of the practice of citing sources check : Sources and Citations at Dartmouth.

Accessibility Needs
Students with disabilities who may need disability-related academic adjustments and services for this course are encouraged to see me privately as early in the term as possible. Students requiring disability- related academic adjustments and services must consult the Student Accessibility Services office (Carson Hall, Suite 125, 646-9900). Once SAS has authorized services, students must show the originally signed SAS Services and Consent Form and/or a letter on SAS letterhead to me. As a first step, if students have questions about whether they qualify to receive academic adjustments and services, they should contact the SAS office. All inquiries and discussions will remain confidential.

Religious Observances
Some students may wish to take part in religious observances that occur during this academic term. If you have a religious observance that conflicts with your participation in the course, please meet with me before the end of the second week of the term to discuss appropriate accommodations.