Instructors: Daniel Rockmore

Course on


Week Lecture Week 1: 1/3,5

Introduction & Overview:

Readings: The Human Costs of AI Links to an external site., by Sue Halpern for Friday, 1/5.

Week 2:


Feature vectors and Networks

Readings: To page 136 in "The Circle" (Dave Eggers)

Week 3:


Dimension reduction

Readings: To page 280 in "The Circle"; A Coder Considers the Waning Days of the Craft Links to an external site., by James Somers; Why the Godfather of AI Fears What He Built Links to an external site. by Joshua Rothman

Week 4:

1/22,24,25, 26

Spectral Clustering, Partition Decoupling, Project Proposals

Week 5

Cluster Comparison, Geometry of Data Clouds

Week 6

Diffusion geometry, local curvature, Initial exploration of your project data

Week 7 Logistic regression, NNs Week 8 NNs Week 9 Final Projects Presentations: TBD