Biology, Medicine &

    10 - 12 Grades
Problems solving for BIOLOGY students

by Robert W. Keck and Richard R. Patterson
Copyright © 2000 by Addison Wesley Longman, Inc.

The problems in this book are classified by biological topic. In each section, some problems are harder than others. But the mathematics used is chosen for the problem and does not get progressively more difficult. Thus, the topics can be covered in any order.

The problems were designed to achieve several goals:
  • demonstrate the contribution of mathematics in quantitative biological reasoning
  • develop skills in reading, questioning, analyzing, and evaluating assumptions (critical thinking)
  • develop written presentation skills
  • foster group interaction.

These problems are intended for use by either high school or university students. We use these problems in recitation sections in a beginning biology course at a university. Every week, each group of three to five students solves a problem related to that week's topic. Their solution is posted for other groups to compare.