Teaching Experience
As an instructor, I aim to increase accessibility to math for students of all backgrounds, including women, minorities, low-income students, and students with disabilities. For more information on my teaching philosophy, please read my teaching statement. For more information on my approach to mentoring a diverse student body, please read my diversity statement.

Instructor (Dartmouth College)

Math 31 (Summer 18) Abstract Algebra
Math 13 (S18) Calculus of Vector-valued Functions
Math 1 (F16) Calculus with Algebra
As an instructor for Math 1 and Math 13, I taught one of the sections of the course. Together with the instructors of the other sections, I designed the syllabus and wrote and graded all exams, homeworks, and quizzes. For my own section, I prepared and gave the lectures, created and facilitated any group work and discussions, and held office hours.

As an instructor for Math 31, there was only one section, so I designed and implemented all aspects of the course.

I taught Math 13 as an active learning class. Each class period was about half lecture and half group work. All group work problems can be found in the daily slides on the Math 13 website.

For Math 1, I created review sheets for each day of class, featuring a summary of important definitions and examples that we covered that day, as well as practice problems. These review sheets can be found on the Math 1 website.

Graduate Learning Fellow (Dartmouth College)

Math 28 (W18) Introduction to Combinatorics
The Introduction to Combinatorics course was an inquiry-based learning course. Some classes had brief (around 15 minute) lectures, and otherwise class time was taken up with student presentations and group problem-solving. As a Graduate Learning Fellow, I acted essentially as a co-instructor for the course: I gave some of the brief lectures, answered questions and guided students during class time, held office hours, helped grade homework rewrites, and helped write and grade exams.

Lecturer (Dartmouth College)

Math 36 (F18) Mathematical Models in the Social Sciences
Covered a couple weeks of the mathematical modeling course. Planned and delivered lectures on stochastic models.

Teaching Assistant (Dartmouth College)

Math 23 (S16) Differential Equations
Math 3 (F15) Introduction to Calculus
Math 8 (W15) Calculus of Functions in One and Several Variables
Math 13 (F14) Calculus of Vector-valued Functions
The TA position at Dartmouth consists of running three two-hour long tutorial sessions a week, as well as running review sessions and grading exams. The tutorial sessions are similar to office hours in that they are a time when students can ask questions about concepts in class or get help on the homework.

The Introduction to Calculus (Math 3) class is an active-learning class. Students watch Khan Academy videos of the material outside of class, and then class time is spent on a brief (15-30 minute) lecture followed by group work. When TAing this class, in addition to the responsibilities above, I also went to the classes and guided students through their group work.

Tutor (Dartmouth College)

Math 13 (F17) Calculus of Vector-Valued Functions
Sought out by a senior faculty member to work one-on-one with students from non-traditional math backgrounds.

Teaching Awards

Guest Lectures

Governor's Institute of VermontUniversity of Vermont Instant InsanityJune 2018
Governor's Institute of VermontUniversity of Vermont Recognizable Languages and Finite AutomataJune 2017
Linear Algebra (Math 22)Dartmouth College Properties of DeterminantsOctober 2018
Linear Algebra (Math 22)Dartmouth College Eigenvalues and EigenvectorsJuly 2016
Linear Algebra (Math 22) Dartmouth CollegeGoogle Page-Rank AlgorithmJuly 2016

Sonia Kovalevsky Day (Dartmouth College)

Instant InsanityMay 2018
The Fold-Cut TheoremMay 2017
Networks!May 2016
Finding Friends and Strangers Using GraphsMay 2015
Sonia Kovalevsky Day is an annual day of interactive workshops and panels for local 5-12 grade girls. Each year, I organized and ran one of the hour long workshops. In 2017, I also organized the entire event.

John's Hopkins University: Center for Talented Youth (Dartmouth College)

Instant InsanityMay 2018
Networks!May 2016

Volunteer Teaching (Bernice A. Ray School)

Second and Fifth grade classesJanuary-June 2017
I planned and ran a six-month series of weekly hour-long lessons on fun math topics like graph theory, permutations, and knot theory with a group of 5 second graders. I also volunteered weekly in a fifth grade class working with advanced math students.

Exploring Mathematics (Dartmouth College)

Knot TheoryAugust 2016
ProbabilityJuly 2016
Exploring Mathematics is a week-long math camp for middle and high schoolers held at Dartmouth, focusing on hands-on learning. I helped develop, organize, and teach the camp for each week.

Teaching Seminar (Summer 2016)

Teaching seminar is a six-week long intensive course held by the math department at Dartmouth. During the course, I studied different pedagogical theories and classroom techniques, designed and analyzed lesson plans, created learning objectives and assessments, learned public speaking techniques, and talked about issues of diversity in classrooms.

Dartmouth Center for the Advancement of Learning Workshops

Engaging Undergraduates in ResearchOctober 2018
Money Matters: Financial Barriers in the ClassroomOctober 2018
An Introduction to Universal DesignOctober 2018
Managing Stress and Supporting Students in CrisisOctober 2018
Building an Inclusive ClassroomSeptember 2017
Effective LecturingMay 2017
What to Do On the First Day of ClassNovember 2016
Grading for Learning and Assessment: Creating Your Assessment PlanMay 2016
Intercultural Communication CompetenceMay 2016
First Responder TrainingApril 2016

Teaching Calculus Workshop (October 2016)

A Mathematical Association of America (MAA) workshop in Vermont by David Bressoud: "Teaching Calculus Now - Current Trends and Best Practices"