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This volume is part of the monograph series of the New Liberal Arts Program (1980-1992), a project of the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation. The NLA Program had the goal of assisting in the introduction of quantitative reasoning and concepts of modern technology within liberal education. The Program was based on the conviction that college graduates should have been introduced to both areas if they are to live in the social mainstream and participate in the resolution of policy issues. The Center for Mathematics and Quantitative Education is delighted to make these monographs available.


Science and Technology of a New Art

Victor A. Stanionis, Physics Department
Hugh Berberich, Fine Arts Department
Iona College

Computer music is an application of science, computer technology and electrical technology in which music, historically produced by acoustic wind, string, and percussion instruments, is synthesized electronically, orchestrated using computer software, and played through an audio reproduction system. It allows one to simulate the sounds and duplicate the orchestration of past musical compositions and performances. In addition new orchestrations are simply accomplished using computer softwarc, and the creation of new instrumental sounds and structures becomes possible.

Topics covered in this monograph (all written in easy-to-understand fashion) include the MIDI System, waves, synthesizers, coding, and computer music applications.

In addition to algebra applications, this volume provides an application of the trigonometric functions to analyzing sound waves, including a novice's introduction to Fourier series.