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Financial Literacy
The Financial Literacy Initiative at Dartmouth College advocates a quantitative approach to financial literacy for college students, K-12 students, future teachers and adult learners. The initiative supports this approach through contextually rich curriculum modules for classroom use, short video presentations for faculty development or classroom discussion, and case studies. This work was supported through a grant from the Social Security Administration.
Basic Mathematics through
Financial Literacy



The text and supporting materials available here are intended to be the basis for an alternative basic mathematics course based on real financial decisions everyone will have to make. A large proportion of entering college students are required to take and pass a basic mathematics course as prerequisite to college level subjects. Largely a review of elementary and high school mathematics, this course is known to have limited success as a conduit to college.

The course materials and text are based on the basic mathematics curriculum used by the Vermont Community College system. The syllabus was adapted to center around extensive applications in personal finance. The text was constructed using software available from the CK-12 Foundation and is covered by the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike license.

These materials are designed to fit with modules developed by the Financial Literacy Project at Dartmouth College that include videos, slide presentations, case studies and assessments for use by instructors free of charge.

Available materials include:

Textbook: Basic Mathematics through Financial Literacy

Course Objectives by Chapter

Teacher's Notes

Course Portfolio


Thomas's Initial Budget

Thomas's Prioritized Budget

Thomas's Housing Budget

Savings Account Comparison

Car Spreadsheet

Retirement Spreadsheet