Business & Economics  

    10 - 12 Grades Social Science
MAC project


This module is part of the curriculum developed through the Mathematics Across the Curriculum (MAC) project. The MAC project began at Edmonds Community College in Lynnwood, Washington in 2000. It was supported by the National Science Foundation (DUE #0088149), Edmonds CC, and other local and state agencies. Over the four years of the project, MAC involved 122 faculty representing 33 disciplines from 19 different high schools, colleges, and universities. The MAC project's goal was to support faculty in creating curricula to enable their students to experience the quantitative and mathematical aspects of many disciplines. For more information about MAC, see http://mac.edcc.edu.


Quantitative Skills Module
for Introduction
to Human Services

Polly McMahon
Spokane Falls Community College


This material is directed towards an introductory class in Human Services at the entry college level but would also be appropriate for high school students as part of a social science curriculum. The mathematics in this module includes reading bar graphs, using percentages and budget planning.