MAC project


This module is part of the curriculum developed through the Mathematics Across the Curriculum (MAC) project. The MAC project began at Edmonds Community College in Lynnwood, Washington in 2000. It was supported by the National Science Foundation (DUE #0088149), Edmonds CC, and other local and state agencies. Over the four years of the project, MAC involved 122 faculty representing 33 disciplines from 19 different high schools, colleges, and universities. The MAC project's goal was to support faculty in creating curricula to enable their students to experience the quantitative and mathematical aspects of many disciplines. For more information about MAC, see http://mac.edcc.edu.



Business Math!
developed by a saddlemaker but useful to all


By Verlane Desgrange


This pair of modules uses the example of saddlemaking to illustrate practical uses of simple arithmetic and geometric principles in a small business setting. Both modules are well illustrated with both drawings and photographs.

The first module, Measuring and Selling Price, is an organizational and business problem that uses percentages to calculate the cost and selling price of leather straps based on accurately measuring and cutting the raw materials. The answer can be somewhat variable depending on the initial size of the side of leather. The module involves first measuring a physical substance and then calculating a "real-world" selling price. Although specific to saddlemaking, this activity illustrates how important it is to know how to price raw materials in any small business.

The second module, Simple Geometry for Saddlemakers, is on the use of congruent triangles to measure symmetry on a three-dimensional object. Using age-old tools, the activity demonstrates how simple geometry concepts can make for rapid and very accurate measurements that are not possible with a ruler.