That's Calculus!

Episode 1: To The Limit
Running time: 20 minutes

In this video, the first in the series, Josh Kornbluth, the nationally acclaimed performance artist and star of the series, examines the limits of various functions f(x) as x approaches a point where the function is undefined. In addition, he takes a culinary look at functions. As you will see, he is unlike most instructors students are likely to encounter.
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Mathematical Content: This video concerns the intuitive notion of limit. Josh presents a treatment of the limit of a function f(x) as x approaches a point where f(x) is undefined. He looks at this limit in several ways, with a visual examination of the graph of the function, a computational analysis of the formula for f(x) (in this case, a quotient of polynomials), and a table of values. He also makes a connection to the puzzling claim that .99999 ... =1.
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