That's Calculus!


"The introduction of limits causes much anxiety for many students in introductory calculus. This video is an excellent resource because it touches upon the important ideas underlying limits in a light-hearted, but correct way. It also serves a bridge enabling the instructor to pick up, review, and expand on this important concept. I highly recommend it."

Richard Melka
Professor of Mathematics
University of Pittsburgh

This humorous video review of basic calculus concepts is ideal to supplement high school or college mathematics classes, home schooling, or individual study.

The series, featuring acclaimed performance artist Josh Kornbluth, was developed by Dartmouth College faculty for the Mathematics Across The Curriculum project with the support of the National Science Foundation.


Episode 1: To The Limit. Josh explores the intuitive notion of limit from playground slides to food processors.

Episodes 2 and 3: The Formal Limit. Josh plays the epsilon-delta game and visits the For All There Exists Cafe as he explains the formal definition of limit.

Episodes 4 and 5: Josh and the Mathemagician. Challenged by a mysterious bag lady, Josh learns the definition of derivative plus some computational rules.

Episodes 6 and 7: In Search of the Derivative. Josh finds examples of the derivative in the real world with the help of several scientists and a policeman.

The Series: All seven episodes. For more details scroll down. Click on the buttons at left for details plus pictures and sample video clips.

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