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This module is part of the curriculum developed through the Mathematics Across the Curriculum (MAC) project at Middlesex Community College, and supported by The National Science Foundation.



Connecting Math with Children's Literature
By Carol Henry and Ellen Nichols
Middlesex Community College
Bedford, MA and Lowell, MA


For this assignment students are asked to measure, count, use ratios and make graphs in order to understand better the choices illustrators make as well as to explore ways that math is everywhere, even in illustrations of children's literature. The subject of the module is Maurice Sendak's book Where the Wild Things Are which has been a children's favorite for almost fifty years. Close observation and analysis of some of this book's key features will give students an opportunity to develop skills which will help them choose books that will engage children, as well as reinforce important math skills. For future educators and parents, this assignment may also help them use children's literature as a fun way to explore math concepts. This assignment has three parts; each asks students to compile data as well as discuss how that data leads to better understanding the illustrators' work.

Connecting Math with Children's Literature:
Where the Wild Things Are

Connecting Math with Children's Literature: Notes to the instructor