Sea Ice Modeling and Data Assimilation (SIMDA)

Integrated Foundations of Sensing, Modeling, and Data Assimilation for Sea Ice Prediction
Department of Defense Multidisciplinary University Research Initiatives program through the Office of Naval Research

Parameter selection of regularized inverse problems
Selection of regularization parameter
Sea ice numerics
Numerics for Sea Ice Model
Physics driven latent space learning
Learning Ice Dynamics from Latent Space
Multi marginal optimal transport
Multi marginal optimal transport for Ice Floe Prediction
Enkf data assimilation
Ice Thickness Data Assimilation
Empirical bayesian modeling of a complex Valued scene using joing sparsity
Complex-Valued Image Reconstruction Using Empirical Bayesian Inference with Joint Sparsity
Bayesian parameter estimation
Sequential Bayesian Inference for Sea Ice
Sea ice dynamics via regularized optimal transport
Measuring Ice Motion with Optimal Transport
Icebreaker in action
R/V Nathaniel B. Palmer in the Ross Sea