Bjoern Muetzel

I am currently lecturer in Mathematics at Dartmouth College, Hanover, where I was also John Wesley Young Research Instructor. Before coming to the US I was working in Europe. I was a postdoc in Karlsruhe and Montpellier and received my PhD in Mathematics in Lausanne under the supervision of Peter Buser.

More interesting details can be found in my CV.


My work is in the area of low dimensional geometry and topology. I'm interested in systolic geometry and harmonic forms on surfaces. Most of my work is on hyperbolic surfaces.

Address:Bjoern Muetzel
Dartmouth College
Department of Mathematics
27 N. Main Street
Hanover, NH 03755
Email:bjorn.mutzel at
Phone:(+1) 603-646-1720
Office: 318 Kemeny Hall


March 2020: AMS Math Imagery, Homepage of the AMS. Mirror Archimedean solids from the ICERM exhibition.
Jan 2020: JMM Art Exhibition, Joint Mathematics Meetings 2020, Denver, Colorado. Exhibition of mirror Archimedean solids.
Oct - Dec 2019: Hugo Nam at the INRA Biostatistics and Spatial Processes, Avignon.
Sept - Dec 2019: Illustrating Mathematics Program, ICERM, Brown University, Providence. Exhibition of mirror Archimedean solids.
Aug 17, 2019: NYC Math Festival, New York City with Hugo Nam and Xiaoyurui Wang.
July - Aug 2019: Archita Harathi and Alex Stankard at the British Antarctic Survey, Cambridge.
June - July 2019: Jacob Fyda and Connor Spencer at the Wenner Gren Institute, Stockholm.
June 6, 2019: Linear Games, first three games finished with a team from the DALI Lab.
May 14, 2019: CUNY Graduate Center, New York City. Talk: Energy distribution of harmonic 1-forms and Jacobians of Riemann surfaces with a short closed geodesic.
May 11, 2019: Sonia Kovalevsky Day, Hanover. Interactive presentation: Build your own polyhedra.
May 4, 2019: National Math Festival, Washington DC with Hugo Nam and Ty Fierce Metteba.
May - June 2019: Crossroads Academy and Canaan Elementary School. Exhibitions and school visits.
April 23, 2019: VeChain Grant, Neukom Institute, Dartmouth College. Security of verifiable delay functions, CoPI.
Feb 3, 2019: Universidad de los Andes, Bogota. Talk: Energy distribution of harmonic 1-forms and Jacobians of Riemann surfaces with a short closed geodesic.
Jan - March 2019: Undergraduate research project. Carlson, C. and Lit, A.: Harmonic functions on a certain planar domain (62 pages).